About Justin

cafe2-croppedJustin Megna is a blogger and speaker, specializing on the subject of biblical romance. He’s the creator of That Crazy Christian Romance a blog dedicated to the discussion of pursuing romance and matrimony as a modern American Christian. He’s also a contributor to Conciliar Post and a freelance blog writer for American Bible Society. He graduated from the University of Valley Forge in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

Justin’s interest in biblical romance began in his teenage years with reading the books of Joshua Harris and Eric and Leslie Ludy and grew with new experiences during college. His study of the subject has included the varied perspectives of many authors including Jeremy Clark, Douglas Wilson, Martha Ruppert, Alex Chediak, Jonathan Lindvall, and Elisabeth Elliot. He hasn’t mastered it all yet, but he’s working on it.

Justin’s aspirations include the study, practice, and development of effective Christian discipleship. His interests include running, dancing, reading, and learning.

Follow Justin on Twitter at @JustinMegna.

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